Tehran (IP): Iran's foreign trade from August 22 to September 21 reached about 11 million tons of goods worth 5 billion and 767 million dollars, which in terms of value compared to the same period last month increased by more than 24 percent.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian Customs Administration spokesman Rouhollah Latifi, referring to the trade of 11 million tons of goods from August 22 to September 21 this year stated that of this amount, 8 million and 252,000 tons worth 2 billion and 691 million dollars was the share of exports.

Iran's customs spokesman added, "Exports in this period compared to the previous month (July 22 to August 21), has grown 6 percent in terms of weight and 24.5 percent in terms of value."

Regarding the five export destinations of Iranian goods, Latifi said that China was the first export destination of Iran with more than two million tons of goods worth 700 million dollars, followed by Iraq, UAE, Afghanistan, and Turkey respectively from August 22 to September 21.


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