Iran's Representative to UN: US speech on human rights; bitter irony of history

Criticizing US economic terrorism against the Iranian people, Iran's representative to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly said that the speech of the United States and its allies on human rights is a bitter irony of history.

Iran Press/America: Mohammad Zareian on Wednesday at the Third Committee the meeting of the UN General Assembly called the US insistence to continue or even intensify its policy of illegal sanctions immoral and against international law and reminded that this policy has put the lives of many people who are fighting the coronavirus around the world in danger.

"Contrary to US claims, humanitarian goods, and services for Iran continue to be affected by brutal sanctions," Zareian said. "Financial institutions are afraid of retaliation from the United States, so the financial channels created to facilitate humanitarian goods transactions are ineffective having no tangible outcome."

The representative of Iran at the third committee meeting of the General Assembly of the organization also mentioned the silence of Washington allies in the face of the crime of the US terrorist government in the assassination of Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic, saying "In their view, the targeted assassination of Lt. General Soleimani, who was a peace defender and a hero in the fight against terrorism, is not surprisingly a violation of human rights."

Zareian concluded by emphasizing Iran's commitment to the balanced and non-political cooperation of UN mechanisms: saying "Mechanisms such as the Comprehensive Periodic Review which should be seen as a viable solution and the only mechanism that addresses the human rights situation in all member states as well as paying attention to them on the same basis, must be strengthened."

The representative of Iran in the third committee of the General Assembly of the Organization considered human rights as the common heritage of humanity and added that the firm commitment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in promoting and protecting human rights is deeply rooted in the rich civilization and religious teachings of the country. 101/221

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