Norway Chess R02: Caruana shoots ahead

The second day of Atibox Norway Chess, held on Tuesday and Fabiano Caruana emerged as the sole leader of the event.

Iran Press/Europe: The American GM obtained a slightly better position in the exchange variation of the Slav Defense, gradually built up pressure and on the move 30 got two minor pieces against a rook. In the mutual time-scramble, Fabiano kept his cool and converted his advantage into a full point.

Magnus Carlsen did not achieve much on the white side against Alireza Firouzja and after a draw was agreed the match went into a tie-break. The youngster obtained a winning position with Black but buckled under the pressure and forfeited on time in the Armageddon.

Levon Aronian showed his prowess on the white side of the Marshall attack, the opening he usually plays with black. The Armenian GM staved off all Aryan Tari’s threats, transposed into a winning endgame, and celebrated his first victory in the event.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, its the first face-to-face chess super tournament and held in Stavanger Norway. 


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