Tehran (IP)- The mayors of the capitals of Iran and Bangladesh discussed various urban problems and the spread of the Coronavirus.

Iran Press/Iran News: Tehran Mayor Pirooz Hanachi said in a video conversation with Bangladeshi capital Dhaka Mayor Atiqul Islam that the two countries' capitals were suffering from air pollution, traffic, and cultural issues.

"Almost all major cities have similar problems due to the concentration of population in a small spot," mayor Tehran's mayor noted.

Hanachi also said that before the Corona crisis, metropolises could generate income through sustainable development, a dynamic economy, and tourism, but Corona made many of their economic activities difficult.

Referring to the ineffectiveness of the independently fighting against the virus, the mayor added: "In addition to dealing with the corona crisis, Iran also faces harsh US sanctions, which have made it difficult to export its products and import drugs and essential items."

Hanachi lamented the efforts of some powers to wage war and sanctions, despite the conditions of the Corona pandemic.

The mayor of Dhaka, referring to the friendly relations between Bangladesh and Iran, called for a memorandum of understanding between Tehran and Dhaka.

Atiq al-Islam also said that Dhaka has over 12 million people, adding, "Dhaka welcomes Tehran's experiences in dealing with addiction and the problems on the outskirts of the city."


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