Tehran (IP) - Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening said that Resistance is the only way to liberate Holy Quds and the Palestinian people.

Iran PressIran News: The thirteenth session of the Supreme Council of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening ended on Tuesday evening in Tehran with the presence of Secretary-General of the Assembly Ali-Akbar Velayati, summarizing the discussions and issuing a statement.

The statement stressed that the elites and scholars of the Islamic world condemn the normalization of relations between some of the Islamic world rulers and Israel. 

“And even the countries that did not sign the agreement on normalization of relations with Israel are vehemently opposed to the move,” it added.

In another part of the statement, the conference participants considered this action a conspiracy of the United States and Israel. They stated: In the current situation, the Islamic world’s unity against Israel and some Islamic rulers’ betrayal to the Palestinian cause is necessary more than before.

The statement concluded: Islamic awakening is the only way for the Islamic Ummah to get out of crises and threats against Muslims. Indeed, some Islamic rulers’ betrayal of Palestine’s cause will pave the way for Islamic awakening.


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