Iran's ambassador to the UN office in Geneva, in response to baseless allegations made by several European countries against Iran, stated that labeling others is a continuation of the colonial mentality and the illusion of superiority of some Western countries.

Iran PressEurope: EU members issued a biased statement accusing Iran of violating human rights at the UN Human Rights Council meeting on Friday.

At the 45th session of the Human Rights Council, Esmail Baqaei Hamaneh lamented the actions of some Western countries in issuing a biased statement on the human rights situation in Iran.

He expressed: "it is unfortunate that some countries preach to others to respect human rights while forgetting their crimes and covering up the fact that much of the suffering of others is the result of past colonial policies and their own hegemonic mentality."

Baqaei Hamaneh also criticized the Western approach to human rights issues, saying such a policy only causes divisions and confrontations between countries and degrades human rights as a tool for political purposes.

He stressed that some European countries have turned the Human Rights Council into an arena for intervention against developing countries.

Baqaei Hamaneh called the pressure on other governments under the banner of human rights to change the domestic legal system or interfere in court cases 'unacceptable', noting that the 'rule of law' is necessary to protect and respect human rights.

He also warned of the continuation of widespread and systematic violation of Palestinian human rights in the occupied territories and called on the Human Rights Council to prevent the normalization of gross human rights violations by a regime whose existence is based on terrorism and aggression.

In this regard, reacting to the EU statement on the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the EU action as unacceptable."


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