Tehran (IP): The senior aide and adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi stated that in the last few years, the US has been defeated in West Asia, Afghanistan, and Syria, in other words, in the last 40 years, the US power has weakened.

Iran Press/Iran News: Yahya Rahim Safavi, in an exclusive interview with Iran press, said that Iran has become stronger over the past 40 years, meaning that we have both maintained our national power and our influence, and Iran has gone to the depths of the enemy's strategic defense to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

In the last 40 years, Iran has grown from a national power to a regional power in West Asia, and its geopolitical power has increased, he stated.

He further said that the US and some Arab countries in the region know very well that they also have internal problems.

Referring to the normalization of relations between some Arab countries and Israel, he added: "Recent events are to save Trump and Netanyahu in the elections, but I think the Americans want to take the security and maintenance of these regimes in its favor."

Speaking to IP, Major General Safavi added: "US takes billions of dollars from the UAE and some other countries to give them security."

Top Military Aide to the Iranian Leader noted that the nations of the region are vigilant and do not accept a compromise with the Zionists. The third wave of Islamic awakening will begin soon, and this will be spread to North Africa, West to East Asia.

The US is no longer the sole superpower in the world because the world is moving towards multipolarity. The rising power of Islamic nations and the Islamic world will soon emerge, said Gen. Rahim Safavi.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran have mounted following Trump’s withdrawal from the landmark Iran nuclear agreement in 2018, calling it “the worst deal ever.”

The 2015 agreement lifted sanctions on Iran. In exchange for sanctions relief, Iran accepted limits on its nuclear program until the terms expire in 2025.

Following Washington’s exit from the nuclear deal, other signatories of the pact ⁠— France, Germany, the UK, Russia, and China ⁠— tried to keep the agreement alive.

US Government on Monday Imposes new sanctions on 27 Iranian Entities, Individuals. The Trump administration imposed the sanctions after the failure of its efforts to reinstate UN sanctions against Iran.


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