The Afghan air force carried out multiple strikes on Taliban positions in the northeast of the country, reportedly also killing a number of civilians.

Iran Press/Asia: More than 30 Taliban militants were killed in multiple Afghan air force strikes on Saturday, Afghan officials said.

The airstrikes targeted positions in the Khan Abad district in northern Kunduz province after Taliban fighters attacked Afghan forces tweeted the Ministry of Defense. 

Two commanders: "Qari Abdulrazeq" and "Mawlawi Abbas," were killed, according to the ministry.

The Afghan Defense Ministry stated: "Initial reports indicate no harm was inflicted upon civilians or Afghan National Security Forces personnel," while noting it was "aware of reports" that civilians were injured.

The ministry said it plans to investigate the claim.

Meanwhile, the Reuters cited several sources including Fatima Aziz, a member of parliament who represents Kunduz, claiming civilians were killed in the strikes. 

"The first strike hit the Taliban base but the second one caused civilian casualties as they had gathered at the bombed site," she said.