US sanctions stall Syrian settlement, aim to stifle its economy, says Russian diplomat

US restrictions are stalling the political process of the Syrian settlement and add to the sufferings of the Syrian people, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

Iran Press/Europe: "Tough individual anti-Syrian sanctions imposed by the US and also its allies are having their toll. Meanwhile, American restrictions, especially after the enforcement of the so-called Caesar Act, go far beyond the framework of US national jurisdiction, building barriers for international trade," the Russian diplomat said.
"Politically, these measures are hampering the Syrian settlement, as well as the political process, including the activity of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva, while from the humanitarian point of view they add to the sufferings of the Syrian people," Zakharova stressed.
"Even amid the pandemic, Washington did not agree to certain humanitarian exemptions, continuing the policy towards economic strangulation of Syria as a state, as well as the Syrian people," she added.
She also emphasized Russia’s readiness to continue rendering aid to the Syrian people. "I would like to reiterate that relying on Resolution 2254 o the UN Security Council, Russia is ready to continue giving assistance to the Syrian people in their standing against dangerous political and socio-economic challenges on the path of building a new and modern Syria in the interests of all its citizens," the diplomat summed up.


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