Gov't spox:

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Government Spokesman, Ali Rabiei called more interaction among the 3 branches of government as the best mechanism to be used at the time of fighting against today's hardships faced by Iran.

Iran PressIran News: The government spokesman said on Sunday that the government's authority to make some decisions in critical situations is low, adding that the combination of Iran's branches of government and mutual understanding in decisions will help shorten the decision-making and implementation process.

"Coordination between the three branches of government can be effective in solving problems, especially the coronavirus epidemic which has created many problems for the world. Iran is the only country that is dealing with the virus in spite of the sanctions," government spokesman Ali Rabiei told a news conference on Tuesday.

"A number of important issues require decisions that are not all in the hands of the executive power and the government, the full authority of the government in some decisions in crisis situations is in the lowest degree," Rabiei said, adding: "Thus, the presence of two forces alongside the government and understanding in decisions both helps to shorten the decision-making process and leads to cooperation in implementation. This kind of cooperation in the current situation is one of the inevitable necessities of this historical period that the Iranian nation is experiencing."

Referring to the 3 branches of government meeting on Sunday, Rabiei stated: "In this meeting, various issues were raised by the heads of the three branches of government, the most important issue was how to increase investment. Investment security and investment problems in the country were also discussed."

"The other part of the meeting was devoted to discussing the expansion of exports with neighbors and the region, and the rapid return of currency to the wheel of production was discussed, and strong cooperation was envisaged," added the spokesman

Rabiei noted: "Currency market and stock market issues, policies to reduce liquidity and reduce inflation, and plans and proposals that require the cooperation of the three powers were discussed in this meeting. Discussions were also held on how to coordinate legislative, regulatory, and judicial enforcement in various cases and the mechanisms that can quickly form such coordination."

He reminded: "One of the topics of the meeting was regional issues. The sensitivities of our region today regarding the US presence in the region and the conspiracies of the Zionist Regime in the region were discussed."

At the end of the meeting, the heads of  3 branches of government underlined that more interaction is considered as a mechanism, and it was emphasized how to coordinate more to overcome today's difficult conditions and to improve people's lives.

Iran's heads of 3 branches of government have met