A spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement said on Wednesday evening that the Arab League has become the godfather of normalization of relations and compromise with Israel.

Iran PressMiddle East: Davood Shahab, head of the Islamic Jihad movement's media office, referring to the Arab League's opposition to Palestine's proposal to condemn the normalization of the UAE's relations with the Zionist regime, said: "The Arab League legitimizes the occupation, just as it legitimized the disintegration of the Arab states by supporting US intervention."

"The Arab League is gradually abandoning its role in favor of more the US and Zionist regime domination," Al-Mayadin quoted him as saying.

Hazem Qasim, the spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, also said: "It is unfortunate that the draft resolution condemning the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime has been rejected at the Arab League summit."

He added that the failure to issue a statement condemning the normalization of ties with Israel encourages the occupying regime and Washington to pursue a policy of wiping out the Palestinian question.