Tehran (IP) - The Spokesman for Iran's Judiciary stressed on Tuesday that Iran’s judiciary is ready to cooperate with the government to solve people’s problems even in the areas where the government has direct responsibility.

Iran PressIran News: In his weekly Press conference on Tuesday, Gholamhossein Esmaili stressed that while the term of the current government is coming to an end, everyone should pull together so that most effective measures would be taken by the government to implement the executive plans of the Islamic country.

Esmaili went on to stress that the Judiciary is ready to cooperate in the areas needed to solve people’s problems even where the government has direct responsibility.

Referring to Judiciary’s activities such as preventing the closure of more than a thousand industrial and production units as well as taking national resources and government lands and release them out of the hands of profiteers and returned them to the government, Iran’s senior official called judiciary’s role in collecting claims and large bank arrears were a good help for the country's banking system.

He also referred to Judiciary’s helping the government to collect taxes from major tax debtors and this was aimed at improving the governance of the country.

"So far, with the formation of the judiciary, 2.9 billion Euros have returned to Iran economic cycle", added he.    207/209

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