Zarif urges UN to fulfill legal obligations in face of US government defiance

Tehran(IP) -The Iranian Foreign Minister said in a telephone conversation with the UN Secretary-General that the Islamic Republic of Iran expects the Secretary-General and members of the Security Council to fulfill their legal obligations in the face of US government defiance.

Iran Press/Iran News: The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a telephone conversation with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday, reminded the responsibility of the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General for the US illegal attempt to activate the snapback mechanism.

"According to the consensus of all members of the JCPOA, the UN Security Council members and international jurists, the United States is not a member of the JCPOA anymore.

Zarif stressed that Washington's action was not based on UNSCR 2231 and would have dangerous consequences for international law, noting the US illegal attempt to activate the snapback mechanism as a result of undermining international mechanisms and discrediting the Security Council.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations also stressed in this telephone conversation that He carefully considers the points raised."

Guterres also reported on the latest UN efforts to end the war in Yemen and called on the Islamic Republic of Iran to help resolve some environmental problems in the port of Al Hudaydah, which the Iranian foreign minister said was ready to participate in.


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