Al-Wefaq: Zionists have no place in Bahrain

Bahrain's Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society in reaction to news reports on the possible visit of Mossad head to Manamah in a statement on Wednesday said that Zionists have no place in Bahrain.

Iran PressMiddle East: After UAE- Zionist Regime normalization of ties, Yossi Cohen the head of Mossad arrived in Abu Dhabi last Monday to begin talks with the UAE officials.

Cohen is one of the people who played a significant role in shaping Tel Aviv's relationship with Abu Dhabi and making it public.

Some Israeli sources said Cohen would enter Manama, the capital of Bahrain, from Abu Dhabi.

Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society in Bahrain on Wednesday issued a statement describing the possible visit of Mossad head to Bahrain as a great betrayal and crime against the nation, a departure from the principles of nationalism, deviation from national consensus, ethnic and Islamic values.

Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society stated that the Zionists have no place in Bahrain and that the Bahrainis will fight against the Zionist influence in their country.


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