Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the nation has resisted terrorist sanctions and economic pressure.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Rouhani stated that Iran is in the most difficult situation in its history, adding: "The situation is not normal and the enemies thought we could not resist against their pressure, but today is two and a half years we have withstood economic and terrorist threats and pressures." 

The president noted that today we are on the battlefield and the battlefield also has problems. Someone may be wounded or martyred on the battlefield.

Rouhani said that the United States and the Zionists and the region's reactionaries thought that they would cause an economic crisis in the country by imposing sanctions in 2018. They thought that this economic crisis would turn into a social crisis and the social crisis would turn into a security crisis, they failed in all three stages; there was no economic crisis, no social crisis, no security crisis.

"Of course, in the face of sanctions, people's lives will be full of hardships and pressures. People will feel and touch this reality and will resist it well," he added.

"If we compare the government's economic growth statistics with oil from 2014 to 2017, we see that in one of the years, we had a growth of 14% and an average economic growth of 5% with oil," he said. "When we talk about economic growth with oil and oil is boycotted, then economic growth becomes negative growth," the president added.

"The enemy wants to tell the people that it has won economically, politically and socially. In practice, we want to prove that the enemy has been defeated," Rouhani noted.

He said the government had tried to control liquidity, adding that the government had used its power to break oil sanctions and to be able to sell oil within a framework.

The president also announced the government's economic plan to improve people's lives, and said: "Those who object to the government's plan should present their own plan." 101

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