Tehran (IP)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that Iran's petrochemical and steel products can compete in terms of quality with the world.

Iran PressIran News: Hassan Rouhani said on Monday evening at a meeting of producers and activists of the country's petrochemical and steel industries, "The most important petrochemical and steel companies bear the heavy burden of both production and non-oil exports."

"Both industries are among the most advanced industries in the world," he said. "Our products can compete with world in terms of quality. It is natural that in terms of quality if we cannot compete, we cannot have a stable market.”

"Fortunately, our steel chain is one step ahead, but the petrochemical chain must go one step further than it has been to date,” Rouhani added.

According to President Rouhani, “if we did not have petrochemicals and steel, we would have to spend billions of dollars to get these resources to producers. But today we do not need most of these products.”

President Rouhani added that “In this government, agricultural products have increased by 33%. We used to buy most of the wheat, but now we are self-sufficient. We have been self-sufficient in wheat for 5 years in a row.”

Rouhani stated that petrochemical products have also doubled in the last seven years, adding that the amount of petrochemical production has doubled from the year 1392 (7 years ago) to the end of this year in the Iranian calendar.


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