A quadripartite meeting on information exchange and security cooperation with representatives of Iran, Russia, Syria, and Iraq was held in Baghdad.

Iran Press/Middle East: The meeting reviewed the latest situation of the hidden nuclei of the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq and stressed the need to further strengthen and coordinate the 'Information Exchange Center' in order to eradicate terrorism in the region.

On the sideline of the meeting, the Military Attaché of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iraq, Brigadier General Mostafa Moradian said: "The center had played an important role in assisting the intelligence supply of the Iraqi and Syrian armed forces since its establishment."

Brigadier General Moradian added: "More than 8,000 targets from important and sensitive centers, gathering places, weapons depots, ammunition and equipment of ISIS have been handed over to Iraq and Syria with the help of the member states of the quartet meeting, and this process has caused severe blows to ISIS terrorist group."

The Military Attaché of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iraq stated that recently, following the recent movements of ISIS' hidden nuclei due to the coronavirus outbreak in some infected areas, especially on the Syrian-Iraqi border, this center has been able to play an important role in intelligence and security assistance to countries dealing with ISIS terrorist group.

Iran, Iraq, Russia, and Syria Quartet Information Exchange and Security Cooperation Center were set up in Baghdad in 2015 with the aim of exchanging information to combat terrorism, and since then the latest coordination and exchange of information among the member states have taken place in various meetings. 


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