Yemeni children suffer at the hand of aggressors

The Yemeni oil company has warned of a major humanitarian catastrophe due to the depletion of the country's oil products in the upcoming days.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Al-Masira TV on Friday, the Yemeni oil company said in a statement that the lives of 25 million Yemenis are endangered in the coming days as the country's oil products have run out.

The Yemeni oil company stated that the Saudi aggressors are blocking the import of petroleum products to Yemen, and as this process continues, more than 400 hospitals and 5,000 health centers that provide health services to the Yemenis will be closed.

The oil company called on international organizations to fulfill their humanitarian duties to help the Yemenis.

The sixty-fourth month of the Saudi coalition war against Yemen is coming to an end. In addition to the daily bombing of various parts of Yemen, the Saudi coalition has laid siege to the country.

As a result of the war and the siege, Yemen has faced the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of the world in recent decades.


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