The European Union (EU) has said it will launch anti-Beijing plans in response to new security regulations in the Hong Kong region on Monday night to increase pressure on China.

Iran Press/Europe: "After the meeting of the EU foreign ministers, Joseph Borrell stated that there are serious questions about the compliance of these new regulations ratified by China with its international obligations, adding: "the union supports the principle of autonomy and freedom of Hong Kong." 

Borrell went on to claim that the European Union stands by the people of Hong Kong.

Restricting the export of certain technologies to Hong Kong and scholarships for students from the region to European universities are among the plans which were put forward at Monday's EU foreign ministry meeting, according to Borrell.

The Chinese parliament recently passed the Hong Kong National Security Act.

The law targets separatists and those who intend to carry out terrorist operations and interfere in Hong Kong affairs.

Hong Kong has seen anti-government protests in recent months, and protesters have been able to sabotage some government buildings in the area.

Instead of condemning the protesters, the United States and its allies, including the European Union, have criticized the way Chinese security forces interacted with protesters, arguing that if Beijing does not respect freedoms in Hong Kong, it will have to wait for serious consequences.

Hong Kong was under British rule from 1842 to 1997 but joined China in 1997 after the end of a previous treaty with Britain.


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