Fire at petrochemical complex was minor: Governor

The governor of Mahshahr city in Khuzestan province, South-Western Iran said on Sunday that the fire in Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company (STPC) was small.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohsen Beyranvand said on Sunday that about 17:30 PM local time due to an oil leak in one of the Shahid Tondgovian petrochemical units, a small fire broke out, which was contained and extinguished in less than 10 minutes.

"Fortunately the fire did not cause any loss of life or property", Beyranvand added. Beyranvand also said that the fire incident occurred in Shahid Tondgoyan petrochemical company's PTA2 unit.

According to the governor of Mahshahr due to the weather conditions in the region in summer and high temperatures these days, the possibility of such incidents is very high.

For this purpose, regular and weekly maneuvers are planned and carried out for the security forces and fire fighters would be ready and be better preapeared for danger situations and today the fire brigade of the complex were ready.

According to the public relations of the Special Economic Zone Organization, the emergency response team of Shahid Tondgovian Petrochemical company, with the logistical support of the Special Zone Organization, quickly contained the fire and completely extinguished it at 5:42 PM (27 minutes after the announcement of the incident).

At present, the production process of this company is going on as usual without any damage or stoppage.

The largest petrochemical economic zone in the Middle East is located in Mahshahr.


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