ISIS terrorist positions in Kirkuk destroyed

Al-Hashd al-Shabi forces destroyed positions and several tunnels belonging to ISIL elements in western Kirkuk (northern Iraq) in counter-terrorism operations.

Iran Press/Middle East: According to Almaalomah, at least six tunnels belonging to ISIS terrorists were destroyed by Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd al-Sha'abi) forces in the Kani Dumlan mountain range in the al-Dabbas area, west of Kirkuk.

Meanwhile, a bomb blast in eastern Diyala province, eastern Iraq, martyred one Hashd al-Shabi member and wounded four others.

Despite the defeat of the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq, a number of members of the group are still present in various parts of the country and are carrying out terrorist acts in a scattered manner.

The Iraqi army and Hashdal al-Sha'abi forces have carried out several operations to clear various parts of the country from the occupation of terrorist groups, and these operations continue.


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