Tehran (IP)- Head of the Relief and Rescue Organization of the Iranian Red Crescent ‎Society (IRCS) Mehdi Valipour announced on Monday: "A number of 18,247 female rescuers are active and organized to provide assistance and give help to women affected by various accidents in the country."

Iran Press/Iran news: Valipour added: "Women are part of vulnerable groups in accidents. Due to their special physical characteristics, they should receive special assistance from specialized groups of female rescuers in accidents."

He went on to say: "The organization and activity of this group of female rescuers were put on the agenda of the Iranian Red Crescent ‎Society (IRCS) by the experts of this organization. According to the latest operational and field assessments made by these experts, a large part of the numerous problems due to accidents occurred in the country is affecting children and women injured and trapped, especially pregnant mothers in the first moments of the accident."

IRSC official stressed: "Female aid workers had been organized into four categories: "Social Psychological Support", "Family Reunion", "Operation Support" and "Accommodation and Emergency Nutrition". The presence of women volunteers in search and rescue specialties such as urban and inter-city search and rescue operations, mountain search and rescue operations, medical emergencies, and assessment is also highlighted."

Head of the Relief and Rescue Organization of the Iranian Red Crescent ‎Society (IRCS) reiterated: "Paying attention to the characteristics of women in addition to the circumstances of the accidents and the needs of the region has led to more prominent, positive and increasing presence of these volunteer relief forces in the campaign of accidents and disasters. Examination of the latest accidents is proof of what has been said."


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