Isfahan (IP) - By the support of the Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan a suction robot designed, produced and employed to discharge catalysts in the direct recovery unit of Saba steel company.

Iran Press/Iran News: Saeed Moradi, a process expert at the Saba Steel Production Technical Office said that it is for the first time that a robot has been employed to evacuate the catalysts in a recovery unit of a steel company in Iran.
"The robot was designed, built and operated with the support of the Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan and is a suction robot knowledge-based company, which is responsible for discharging catalysts in the direct recovery unit," he said.

Saeed Moradi emphasized that for the first time in the country, a robot was used to discharge the sulfur disinfection catalysts in the reservoirs of the Saba Direct Rehabilitation Unit, saying: "The knowledge of making this robot and using it was previously available only to three countries, and with the implementation of this project, Iran joined the group of countries with this ability in the world."

Noting that the role of these robots is very important in increasing employee safety when discharging catalysts, he added: "In addition, these robots can also be effective in discharging speeds."

The process expert of Saba Steel Production Technical Office stated: "This suction robot was designed and manufactured in 6 months and was successfully tested and used in the project of discharging Saba sulfur disinfection tanks."

Moradi went on to say that the suction robot can also be used in petrochemical and refinery complexes and can cause a significant change in reservoir discharge projects.


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