Tehran (IP)- The first deputy Judiciary Chief, Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei said that Iranians understand the enemy's conspiracies and plots but must be alerted not to be deceived by its double-standard policies.

Iran Press/Iran News: Responding to the question raised by Iran Press correspondent on perusing the US crimes against Iran such as supporting Saddam Hussein's chemical attacks, economic and medical sanctions, and assassinating LT. Gen. Qassem Solimani, in international associations, he described that the Islamic revolution's enemies have driven utmost aggression against the Iranian nation and many terrorist attacks since the beginning of the Islamic, led by enemies' intelligence services.

The US as Iran's biggest enemy commits the worst aggression, not only against other counties but also against its own country and people, he added.

The United States has issued numerous resolutions against Iran under the pretext of human rights, but now everyone in the world knows that the United States itself is the biggest violator of human rights, he said.

He maintained that The United States' police and officials misbehave and oppress Blacks and other American people, concluding that today the US no more could take advantage of Iran or any other country under the pretext of human rights.


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