The newly formed Resistance Group of Asbat al-Thaireen has claimed responsibility for an attack on the US coalition's Hercules C-130 aircraft at Al-Taji, as well as rockets fired at the US embassy and military base near Baghdad airport.

Iran Press/Middle East: The newly formed Resistance Asbat al-Thaireen (Avengers) has officially released a video message claiming responsibility for the recent attack on the Hercules C-130 aircraft of the US coalition at Al-Taji base.

Asbat al-Thaireen also claimed responsibility for firing rockets at the US embassy and at the Baghdad airport and released images of the airstrikes and the moment the rockets were fired.

The resistance group warned Iraqi security forces that the decision to expel the occupiers is final and that they should beware of any interaction with the enemy.

In recent months, either the US Embassy or military bases like Al-Taji and Al-Balad have been attacked several times. 

Many Iraqi people and groups are calling for the withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq, and the Iraqi parliament has approved a bill to expel them


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