The Foreign Minister of Switzerland welcomed the US-Iran prisoner swap and thanked both countries for the trust they placed in the European country, saying "Dialogue is always the best option.

Iran PressEurope: "On 18 September, Switzerland was able to hand over five US citizens, released by Iran, to the US authorities in Doha, Qatar. In return, the US has released five Iranian nationals. Deploying its extensive experience and expertise, Switzerland made a key contribution to the success of this humanitarian gesture and facilitated the related transfer of frozen funds from South Korea to Iran. The funds may only be used for humanitarian purposes. Switzerland played a major role in the process by providing its good offices at the request of all the parties involved," Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis, Foreign minister and head of the FDFA said in a statement.

"Switzerland is ready to participate in other mediation processes in line with its long-standing tradition of providing good offices," the statement added.

The statement concluded, "The FDFA would like to thank all the countries involved for the trust they placed in Switzerland."