Commentary (IP) – Iran's Foreign Minister received the Head of the Patriotic Union of Iraq's Kurdistan Region, and the Iranian Ambassador to Iraq met with the President and Prime Minister of the region in Erbil, both stressing the implementation of the Baghdad-Tehran security agreement.

Iran PressCommentary: Iraqi Kurdistan's relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran are always important. The two sides have many affinities in terms of cultural identity. In addition to the affinities, a large part of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region's people and authorities have lived in Iran, and a large part of the Iranian Kurds are living in Iraq's Kurdistan. 

Although a large part of Iraqi residents are Sunnis, there has always been respect and closeness between the two sides in terms of religion. The Kurdistan Region has always hosted a large number of Imam Hussain's (AS) pilgrims during the Arbaeen March rituals. Iran's envoy to Iraq, Kazem Al-e Sadegh, appreciated the people of Iraq's Kurdistan over their warm hosting of the pilgrims. 

Although the borders of Iran and the Kurdistan region never witnessed a conflict between the two parties, the geography of Iraqi Kurdistan has always been exploited by terrorist groups against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This caused frequent protests of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Baghdad government and the local government of Erbil; the armed forces of Iran repeatedly attacked the headquarters of terrorist groups located in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Therefore, Iran's FM told the head of the Kurdish Patriotic Union, Bafel Talebani, at yesterday's meeting: "The presence of terrorists in the Kurdistan region and their actions against Iran's security is in contradiction with the Iraqi constitution and the friendly relations between them. No party should harm the security of Iraq's neighbors."

Furthermore, after the past year's riots in Iran to fuel which the terrorist and separationist elements used the Iranian borders, the Islamic Republic showed its decisiveness to solve the issue of the terrorists' presence in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 

During the meetings held between the Iraqi and Iranian political and security officials, the two sides signed a security agreement and set a deadline to end the presence of the terrorists' presence in northern Iraq. 

In yesterday's meeting of Amir-Abdollahian and Talibani and the meeting of Iran's ambassador to Iraq with Erbil officials, the need to implement the very security agreement was emphasized.

In his meeting with the Iranian envoy, the President of Iraq's Kurdistan Region, Nachirwan Barzani, stressed the importance of Iran as a neighbor for the region and said Kurdistan is committed to the Iranian-Iraqi security government and never lets any security threat emerge against the Islamic Republic from the Kurdistan region.


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