Commentary (IP) - The Special Representative of the UN for Persian Gulf Affairs said in his meeting with the Iranian Foreign Minister and his deputy for political affairs that the EU member states were ready to interact with Iran.

Iran PressCommentary:  Di Maio's trip to Tehran was carried out in continuation of his regional trip to the Persian Gulf. He had recently trips to Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

It seems that the main purpose of this trip is to express the EU's welcome to the new political process that has been formed in the Persian Gulf region. Therefore, in her meeting with the Iranian FM Amir Abdollahian, Di Maio called the normal relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia beneficial to the region.

Recently, the EU's Chief of Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, announced that an official of the body, who is a Swedish national, is imprisoned in Iran. It seems that Di Maio's trip to Iran one day after the imprisonment of the Swedish national in Iran was disclosed aims at talking about the prisoner, in particular, and about the exchange of prisoners, in general. Di Maio, on behalf of Borrell, met with Amir-Abdollahian and called for the release of the EU citizens imprisoned in Iran. 

Most of the foreigners the Islamic Republic arrests are spies. Regarding this Swedish diplomat, Iran's Ministry of Intelligence announced in a statement last year in August that the Swedish citizen was identified and arrested on charges of espionage. 

It seems that the European Union seeks to reduce its tension with the Islamic Republic of Iran following Iran's process of de-escalation as a part of its foreign policy of Iran's Raisi Administration. In fact, the EU is aware of Iran's status in the West Asian region.

Still, meeting with the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Ali Bagheri Kani, Luigi Di Maio stressed the significant role of the Islamic Republic in the regional and international equation and referred to his own mission as the EU representative; he announced the EU member states' support for dialogue with Iran. 

Also, Iran's FM Amir-Abdollahain, when meeting with Di Maio, welcomed any initiative by the EU to strengthen the cooperation between the regional countries, including Iran and the EU. 


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