Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Islamic Republic of Iran, while denying the allegations of the UN Secretariat, which appear to be under political pressure from the US and Saudi regimes, expressed its deep concern over the instrumental use of the UN Secretariat of the United Nations for political purposes.

Iran Press/Iran News: The statement says, while the UN Secretariat based on unusual interpretation of the UNSCR 2231 has so far refrained from reporting on numerous violations of UNSCR 2231 by the United States and European countries, and even deals with the US withdrawal from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with tolerance and ambiguity, as a clear violation of UNSCR 2231, the Secretariat has entered into a matter which, in accordance with the provisions relating to the implementation of Resolution 2231 has no jurisdiction upon it essentially and prepared a so-called specialized report.

Interestingly, the Secretariat's report comes at a time when the United States is working to draft a dangerous resolution to extend the arms embargo against Iran illegally, and its provisions were cited by the United States two weeks before its publication which reinforces this sign that the report was commissioned by the United States and used by that country in the UN Security Council against Iran.

Accusing governments via self-imposed processes and arbitrary rules is a dangerous innovation that is not endorsed by the international community. Such processes will severely damage the credibility of the United Nations.

Preparing a report with political motives does not change the facts, and it is clear to everyone that the current situation in the region is a direct result of the wrong policies of the United States and the child-killing regime of Saudi Arabia.

How is it that no attention is paid to the sale of deadly weapons to Saudi Arabia, which is being used against the defenseless people clearly, but investigation teams are being sent to search in Saudi waste, for making evidence of baseless allegations? Undoubtedly, such reports will not contribute to peace and security in the region and the implementation of Security Council resolutions, but will also completely destroy the credibility and reputation of the United Nations.

The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly advises the UN Secretariat not to act in a pre-planned US scenario to prevent the lifting of Iran's arms embargo and not to assist in this dangerous process by preparing reports that have no legal basis.

On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the international agreement in violation of Washington's obligations under the JCPOA  and announced the return of nuclear sanctions.

Trump's move has drawn widespread domestic and international condemnation.


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