General Qassem Rezaei

Tehran (IP) - Following an attack on Iranian border guards in the Sardasht region of northwestern Iran, the Commander of the Iranian border guards, Brigadier General Qassem Rezaei said that accurate and thorough surveillance of the area would be carried out 100 percent.

Iran PressIran News:  General Qassem Rezaei told reporters on Saturday that accurate and thorough surveillance of the area would be applied 100 percent, and all border guards are on duty to defend the country's territorial integrity.

General Rezaei added: "Iranian Border Guards are working to maintain territorial integrity and complete stability and security." 

Three Iranian border guards were martyred by bandits in West Azerbaijan province, near the city of Sardasht in northwestern Iran recently.

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Martyr Seargent Taqi Bahrehvar, commander of the Maraqeh base and Alireza Eslam Doust, and Hadi Abdi soldiers of the Tabriz Border Regiment and Miandoab were martyred during a clash with armed bandits.

Border guards at the Sardasht Border Regiment clashed with armed bandits on Friday morning while controlling and monitoring the border strip in the Gorillake area, 20 km from the city, killing several bandits. Three border guards were martyred in the clashes.

The border town of Sardasht is located in West Azerbaijan province and shares a 100-kilometer border with Iraq.


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