Referring to the pursuit of “some” of US maximum pressure against, Iran's ambassador to France said in a Twitter message, "These days are passing, but we must behave in a way that we should not be ashamed of history."

Iran Press/Europe: In a message posted on the Twitter account of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in France, Bahram Qasemi wrote on Monday, "Amid the Iranian people's fight with Corona, purely on the basis of national strengths, some instead of understanding the situation and helping Iranians add to these pressures, either voluntarily or unwittingly, in the pursuit of US maximum pressure.”

Qasemi did not elaborate on what he meant by "some" who obey the US's maximum pressure on Iran. However, his comments appear to be related to Europe's recent decision to restrict Iran Air flights to the continent.

Even though the US Treasury Department announced partial relief on February 28 to allow humanitarian aid to arrive in Iran through Switzerland, many companies are still hesitant to export critical medical supplies for worries of triggering retaliation from the US, apart from concerns over the difficult transaction procedures.

On the other hand, global institutions and analysts have expressed concerns with the impact of sanctions on Iranians' right to health and access to medication.


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