China's health officials say 52 more people were confirmed to have died from the new coronavirus on Tuesday, bringing the total number of deaths in mainland China to 2,715.

Iran Press/Asia: According to Chinese officials the additional deaths were all confirmed in Hubei Province, the center of the outbreak in China.

Officials say 406 more infections have been reported. The total number of Chinese people infected with the virus now stands at 78,064.

Meanwhile, the South Korean government announced on Wednesday that 169 more people have tested positive for the new coronavirus, pushing the total number of infections in the country to 1,146.

South Korea is the second country to confirm over 1,000 cases. China was the first.

The number of fatalities in South Korea also rose by one to 11.

Also, the total number of confirmed infections with the new coronavirus in Japan stands at 862.

Of these, 157 are people infected in Japan or tourists from China and elsewhere.

Among the passengers and crew members of the cruise ship Diamond Princess, 691 cases have been confirmed.

There were 14 infected people among those evacuated from China's Hubei Province on flights chartered by the Japanese government.


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