Deaths from the coronavirus in China have risen to over 1,770, while infections have passed 70,000.

Iran Press/Asia: Chinese state media is reporting another city in Hubei province has banned residents from leaving their homes. In Xiaogan, population 4.8 million, in central Hubei, people who violate the order will be detained “for a maximum of 10 days”.

The Global Times has reported that all urban residents of Xiaogan have been asked to stay indoors and rural villagers are prohibited from gathering. Those who are involved in the prevention and control of the epidemic should travel in accordance with the designated time and route. Those who violate the order will be detained for no more than 10 days.

According to the Global Times, all vehicles including motorcycles, electric bikes, bicycles and tricycles are prohibited from driving on the road. Only vehicles for special purposes, such as ambulances, fire trucks or vehicles transporting daily necessities, can be seen out on the road.

All the other vehicles without a permit will be held by traffic police, and drivers will face 10 days of detainment and a fine of 500 yuan if they break the order. Those who do not obey the traffic management rules may have their driving licenses revoked.

The new restrictions in the city of Xiaogan will begin on Monday.

Xinhua news agency reported that “community committees” would deliver daily necessities to residents and that buying services would be provided for urgently-needed goods. This is something we have also seen in Wuhan, with community workers delivering items to residents.

Xiaogan is the second-worst hit city in Hubei province after Wuhan, with 3,279 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 70 deaths. Xiaogan is about 70km from Wuhan.

Meanwhile, a fifth evacuation flight of Japanese citizens from Wuhan has landed in Tokyo.

It landed at Haneda airport shortly before 7.00 am on Monday, the Japanese broadcaster NHK said, carrying 36 Japanese nationals and 29 Chinese nationals, including spouses of Japanese citizens.

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has announced Qantas will fly Australian citizens stuck on the stricken Diamond Princess cruise liner in Japan this Wednesday.

There are more than 200 Australians on the ship. They will face a further 14 days in quarantine in a centre near the Australian city of Darwin.

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