The Deputy Head of Iran's Judiciary, Gholam Hussein Mohseni Ezhe'i has emphasized that this year's turnout in 11 February rallies and marches is higher, more enthusiastic than previous years.

Iran PressIran News: Taking part in the massive multi-million-strong 11 February (22 Bahman) rally and march in Tehran, the Deputy Head of the Judiciary, Mohseni Ezhe'i stressed that this year more people have turned out for the national rallies and marches marking the 41st anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and their participation was more enthusiastic.

He added: "Truly 11 February (22 Bahman on the Iranian calendar) is a day of God, a divine day, and not just the 11 February 1979, when the Islamic Revolution triumphed, but every year for the past 41 years, 11 February has been truly a day of God."

In further remarks, the Deputy Head of Iran's Judiciary said: "There are two reasons why this year the turnout has been higher and more enthusiastic compared to previous years. First of all, the enemies thought they can disappoint and discourage the Iranian people by assassinating top Iranian Lt. General, Qasem Soleimani. Secondly,  the enemies were ratcheting up the economic pressure on the Iranian people, trying to maximize the pressure, and make the Iranian people tired, but they were wrong on both those counts and the Iranian people should their allegiance and loyalty tio the Islamic revolution and the Islamic republic, taking part in larger numbers and more enthusiastically in this year's rallies."


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