Vienna (IP): The Union of European Students Islamic Associations in a statement, emphasized that the US is a criminal terrorist state and a supporter of international terrorism led by Israel.

Iran Press/Europe: The following is the text of the closing statement of the two-day session of the Union of European Students Islamic Associations held at the Islamic Center of Imam Ali in Vienna:

In the name of God

On the eve of the blessed nights of 10-day-dawn of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the fifty-fourth session of the Union was held with the members in attendance. 

The fifty-fourth session was accompanied by the message of Leader of the Islamic Revolution that led to the emergence of a unique phenomenon in Iran today, expressing the signs of the grandeur and credibility of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Union of European Student Islamic Associations expresses their sympathy with the victims of the heart-rending incident of the Ukrainian passenger plane crash and calls for the authorities for not repeating these incidents.

This Union extends Its condolences over the martyrdom of the honorable commander of Islam Lt. Gen. Qasem Soleimani and salutes his soul.

Elsewhere the statement read that the US is a criminal terrorist government that backs Israeli- led terrorism on the international scale. Thanks to the insights of Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran the Iraqi nation demands the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

We insist on our firm support for the Palestinian people and regard the freedom of this oppressed nation as the duty of the Islamic government.

The union condemns US sanctions policies and calls for real fight against poverty and corruption.

We also kindly ask our brothers and sisters abroad who study in Europe to come back to our country since endeared Iran is really in dire need of our active and constructive presence.

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