Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology said that the country has turned the 40 years of US cruel sanctions into opportunities, increasing its self-esteem and developing its native technology.

Iran Press/Asia: Addressing the Iranian and Turkish merchants and businessmen in Istanbul, on Wednesday, Sorena Sattari stressed that "US sanctions could have destroyed a given country but Iran stood on its own feet."

Referring to Iran's miraculous scientific growth in the different areas of technology, Iran's top official highlighted that the Iranian government is ready to develop the necessary infrastructure and the serious cooperation to transfer the technologies via knowledge-based companies to Turkey.

Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology went on to say that Iran's new generations are well informed of the international rules and norms and they can be considered as a good partner for the Turkish companies.

Iran's Ambassador to Turkey Mohammad Farazmand together with other businessmen, physicians, as well as Iranian and Turkish entrepreneurs, attended the event.

A delegation of top Iranian businessmen, and CEO's of technology and creative companies, headed by Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology, Sorena Sattari, is currently visiting Turkey.


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