Afghans are concern over US-Taliban talks

Kabul (IP) - The concerns of members of the Afghan Parliament is growing, as Americans approach to an agreement with the Taliban.

Iran Press/Asia: Every day as Americans approach the agreement with the Taliban, the members of the Afghan parliament and the Afghan government's concerns are growing.

Afghan government and representatives expect a ceasefire after the US deal with the Taliban while it is said that there will be no ceasefire but violence will be reduced.

Most of the government and people's concern comes from the fact that there is no talk between the Americans and the Taliban and so far they do not know anything about the content of those talks.

But the truth is that Americans are now in talks with the Taliban representatives in Qatar and this is twelfth rounds of negotiations since it started 19 years ago. This is while the US attacked Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban and has so far killed tens of thousands and millions of Afghan civilians.

 These days at the same time, Germany's Special Representative for Afghanistan has made great efforts to host talks between Afghans following the US-Taliban agreement.


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