China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said that Beijing believes that EU3 action for triggering 'dispute resolution mechanism' can't ease any tension and Russia's envoy in Vienna called it the 'last nail into the coffin of JCPOA.

Iran PressEurope "China regrets that Britain, France, and Germany have triggered the dispute resolution mechanism of the JCPOA. We don't believe it will help solve any problem or ease any tensions,” Geng Shuang said in his regular press conference on Wednesday.

 “It is China's consistent view that US withdrawal from the agreement and maximum pressure on Iran as well as the EU not being committed to its obligation is the root cause of tensions on the Iranian nuclear issue,” he added.

Meanwhile, Russia's Permanent Representative to the International Organizations in Vienna and the International Atomic Energy Agency Mikhail Ulyanov said on Wednesday that "Enemies of JCPOA are happy. They perceive Dispute Resolution Mechanism as the last nail into the coffin of the Iran nuclear deal".

The Russian MFA reacted to the use of Dispute Resolution Mechanism under JCPOA by France, Germany, and the UK: "This step causes deep disappointment and serious concern".

Britain, France, and Germany started a process that could lead to the United Nations' sanctions being re-imposed on Iran and the collapse of the 2015 nuclear deal after triggering the deal’s dispute resolution mechanism.

On the other hand, France’s foreign minister as one of the EU Troika in triggering the dispute mechanism said on Wednesday that the Iran nuclear deal was in danger. Jean-Yves Le Drian told a parliamentary hearing that a dispute mechanism triggered by France, Britain, and Germany aimed to resolve the problems diplomatically.

The minister also said that the only way to resolve the current crisis between the United States and Iran was for Tehran to accept a broad negotiation and Washington to progressively reduce sanctions, Reuters reported.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has dismissed a proposal for a new “Trump deal” to replace the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, saying that Iran believed in diplomacy “but not in re-negotiating a UNSC Resolution we agreed on with 6 Governments & the EU.”


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