Chabahar (IP) - The Deputy of Naval Operations of the Army of Iran Admiral Gholamreza Tahani said it was significant to maintain security in the strategic Oman Sea and Indian Ocean region through the cooperation of different countries.

Iran Press/Asia: Speaking at the briefing session of the Navy commanders of Iran, China and Russia in Chahbahar port on Friday, he said security of the Indian Ocean guarantees the development of economic resources.

The North Indian Ocean is one of the strategic waterways and is vital in the world trade, he told the commander participating in the four-day joint military drills in the Oman Sea dubbed "Marine Security Belt".

Many countries of the Indian Ocean and Oman sea pass through the Hormuz Strait, he added, so it is imperative to uphold the security of this passage.

The maneuver is the first such initiative since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran which toppled the US protégé regime of Shah.

It comes amid US regime's efforts to woo countries into a maritime coalition for patrolling in the Persian Gulf, which received a less-than-savory response from its allies.

Iran has stated readiness to work with its neighboring countries to secure the Persian Gulf airing the regional initiative HOPE (Hormuz Peace Endeavor), Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote in a Twitter message referring to the joint wargames.



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