French President Emmanuel Macron

A large majority of French people have a negative opinion of President Emmanuel Macron’s ability to govern, a new poll published found.

Iran Press/Europe: The survey, conducted by pollster Elabe for Les Echos newspaper and Radio Classique indicates that following crippling transport strikes in response to Macron's pension reform plans, a large majority of French voters are dissatisfied with him.

Macron’s plan to merge the country’s 42 separate state-funded pension plans into a single, points-based system has enraged unionists, who have vowed to extend their strike action. 

According to the poll, 65 percent of French people think that the 41-year-old centrist Macron is not capable of tackling the country’s problems.

Only 30 percent of those interviewed expressed satisfaction with their young leader.  

Tensions between the Macron government and unions opposed to upcoming pension reforms reached boiling point over the weekend, as each side blamed the other for the consequences of a bitter row.


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