Tehran (IP)- Omidvar Brothers Museum is located in Tehran which is a part of Sa’adAbad complex exhibiting many films, photographs, and mementos brought back to Iran by the courageous and adventurous Omidvar brothers, Issa and Abdullah, in their once-in-a-lifetime journey around the world.

Iran Press/Iran news: In 1954, Issa and Abdullah Omidvar, tow enthusiastic and daring Iranian brothers, decided to go beyond their country's boundaries and discover the world.

Their eagerness for reaching faraway lands took them into an incomparable adventure that kept them traveling across the most recondite territories on earth for ten years. In those days, in which there were no travel facilities to speak of. The started their adventures on tow motorcycle from Tehran to Mashad, continuing then on the route of the orient.

As part of this adventure, unique in Iranian history, they crossed burning deserts, the dense forests of the Amazon, the Itori forest of central Africa, the Australian continent with its Aborigines. In I957 they traveled to the frozen lands of Arctic and lived with the Eskimos, in I966 they were the first from Asia to explore Antarctica with the scientific expedition of Chile.

This museum celebrates the adventures of these two brothers by exhibiting items related to their overseas voyages.


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