Amnesty International slams Saudi Arabia\\\'s G20 presidency

Amnesty International called on world leaders to address Saudi Arabia's 'heinous' human rights record as the kingdom took over the presidency of the G20 global economic forum amid a new wave of arbitrary arrests and silencing of dissent.

Iran Press/Middle East: "The organization urges G20 members, to pressure the Saudi Arabian authorities to commit to end the patterns of egregious human rights violations," it said in a statement.

"Member states of the G20 that continue to profit from the arms trade with Saudi Arabia, including the USA, UK and France, must consider the extent to which they are complicit in human rights violations committed by the Saudi Arabia led coalition in the conflict in Yemen, and cease such transfers until these violations have been remedied," read the statement.

“World leaders in the G20 must pressure Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to ensure enjoyment of all human rights including freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly,”  Amnesty International’s MENA Regional Director Heba Morayef said.

"Saudi Arabia steps up to the G20 presidency amid a new wave of arbitrary arrests of peaceful critics, with many human rights defenders still languishing behind bars, and just over a year since the horrifying killing of Jamal Khashoggi," she said.

"How can a country with such an appalling human rights record at home ensure respect for human rights in such an important international process?" asked Morayef.



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