Leaders of local Iraqi tribes in Karbala apologized to Iran for the recent attack on the Iranian consulate building.

Iran Press/Middle East: Leaders of local tribes in Karbala on Wednesday attended a ceremony at the Iranian consulate in the city and apologized for the recent attack on Iran's diplomatic mission in Karbala, Iran Press reported.

During a meeting with Iranian consulate officials in Karbala, tribal leaders condemned the attack. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry also issued a statement on Monday condemning the organized attack on the Iranian consulate building in Karbala.

On Sunday night, a group of mostly young men attacked the Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Karbala, seemingly in protest at the poor state of the economy in Iraq, but the real motive behind the attack maybe something else. Unidentified attackers have also repeatedly attacked security forces and government centers in various Iraqi cities in recent days. Iraqi officials have said the attacks were aimed at creating sedition, and may well have been instigated and financed from outside of Iraq.

Earlier, some Iraqi officials had warned of behind-the-scenes efforts to undermine friendly and strategic Iran-Iraq relations, that were crucial in the successful and decisive fight against ISIS terrorists that had taken large swathes of Iraqi territory in 2014 -2016.

Some Iraqi cities, including Karbala, have witnessed demonstrations in recent weeks in protest at inadequate public services, lack of jobs particularly for young people, and bureaucratic corruption; however, the protests have turned violent in recent days and dozens have been killed or injured.

The Iraqi government meanwhile has submitted four packages, and introduced reforms, over the past month trying to meet some of the demands of the demonstrators.


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