Tehran (IP) - Director of Chicago Oriental Institute said that the organizing of new shipment of Persepolis' tablets is at the process even smoother than the previous shipment.

Iran Press/Iran news: At a special ceremony in Tehran's National Museum on Wednesday, more than 1700 Achaemenes clay tablets and ancient artifacts that have been returned to the country after 84 years, unveiled.

Director of Chicago Oriental Institute, Christopher Woods on the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony told Iran Press that "We are looking forward to organizing a new shipment of tablets even smoother than the previous one."

Director of Chicago Oriental Institute expressed his satisfaction being in Iran and pointed to the long-standing collaboration between the two countries regarding Persepolis Archives.

He said that mutual collaboration is not a new one and cooperation is rather a continuation of an old one.

Responding to the question about how much time will take returning of the rest of the tablets to Iran, he went on to say, "We wanted to do so as quickly as possible but the safety of the tablets is of the highest priority. It really depends on the license from the US Treasury department. We are hopeful that this will move along faster than it has in the past but it is impossible for us to make any guaranty since it is out of our hands."

Director of Chicago Oriental Institute added, "The shipment process went pretty smoothly but it was just time-consuming. But once we had the license there were no issues obtaining it. It moved along quite predictably, I mean there were smaller issues but we are pleased how smoothly it went given the complexity of the issue involved."

The unveiling ceremony 1783 returned Cuneiform Tablets of Persepolis Fortification attended by Christopher Woods Chicago Oriental institute's director and Muhammad Hassan Talebian, cultural heritage deputy was held on Wednesday morning at Iran National Museum in Tehran.101/205

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