Iran calls for action to pursue freedom of scientist Masoud Soleimani

Iran's Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution called for scientific bodies and responsible organisations to pursue the freedom of the Iranian scientist Masoud Soleimani arrested illegally by the US government.

Iran Press/Iran news: The secretariat of the Iranian entity announced in a statement on Wednesday that the US' illegal detention of the Iranian researcher is a clear example of violating international practices, including the prohibition of arbitrary detention.

"Accusing the brilliant scientist of breaching sanctions and breaking academic and research protocols, the US perpetually delays the trial of Masoud Soleimani," the statement added, according to Iran Press.

Pointing out to the silence of international bodies including the United Nations, the Red Cross, and the European Hematology Association over the detention of the Iranian scientist, the statement emphasized: "It is imperative that all genuine human rights and justice advocates around the world declare their protest against this blatant violation of human rights."

As one of the world's top-100 scientists in terms of scientific citations, Masoud Soleimani received an official invitation from the US Mayo Clinic Institute on October 2018 and entered the country with official-research visa, but he was arrested without trial upon his arrival.

He is now jailed in tough and inhumane conditions beside drug offenders and street rabble.

The Iranian scientist's mother who had been in a coma after hearing about her son's arrest by US security forces, recently died. 101/215

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