Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam strongly condemned the recent Saudi attack on a prison in Yemen's western Dhamar province, saying that it has proved the brutality of the Saudi coalition. 

Iran Press/Middle East: The Saudi-led military coalition launched a series of airstrikes overnight on a prison in Yemen's western Dhamar province, killing 50 people and wounding about 100 others.

Yusuf al-Hadri, a spokesman for the Houthis' ministry of health, said on Sunday that: "The corpses are still being removed from the prison and many bodies have been left under debris."

"The city's jail had more than 170 prisoners and the Saudi regime's attacks completely targeted the building," Abdul Qader al-Murtaza, the head of Houthi's national committee for prisoner affairs, told Al Masirah TV.

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi condemned the Saudi-led airstrikes on Dhamar's Province prison, saying that, "The bombardment of this prison is a new war crime added to other crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen."


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