Defence Minister, Brigadier General Amir Hatami, speaking at a mourning ceremony for Imam Hussein (PBUH)

The Iranian Defence Minister has stressed that the production of Bavar 373 air defense system by young Iranian engineers and scientists has astonished the world.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on Saturday night on the first night of Muharram at a mourning ceremony for the Chief of Martyrs Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) in the village of Karimabad near Varamin east of Tehran, Iranian Defence Minister, Brigadier General Amir Hatami said: "The martyrdom of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) teaches us a great deal, and those who fight in the way of Allah can learn much from Imam Hussein's movement and martyrdom."

Commenting further the Defence Minister said: "Those who have understood the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and eight years of sacred defence know very well that the Chief of Martyrs Imam Hussein (PBUH) inspired the resistance and uprising of the Iranian people against the corrupt and dictatorial Pahlavi regime, and it was Imam Hussein who inspired the Muslim fighters of Iran to stand up to and defeat the Ba'athist enemy."

"Both the East and the West supported the former Iraqi dictator Saddam, and they wanted to destroy the fledgeling Islamic Republic, but inspired by the Chief of Martyrs Imam Hussein (PBUH), the Muslim combatants of Iran dashed the hopes of the major world powers and defeated the Ba'athist enemy."

Turning to the Iranian-made Bavar 373 air defence system, Defence Minister Brigadier General Hatami emphasised that the average age of engineers and scientists who built the system was about 32 or 33 years old. He pointedly added: "The young Iranian scientists who created the Bavar 373 air defence system have been brought up and taught in the great school of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him). They created the Bavar 373 missile defence system in half the time Russian scientists and engineers built a similar air defence system in Russia."


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