An Iranian film director, Daryush Ghazbani, has won the award for the best short film at the Los Angeles Feedback Film Festival, with a 12 minute short documentary film, "trap" (called "daam" in Persian).

Iran press/America: Iranian filmmaker, Daryush Ghazbani, has won the best short film award at the Los Angeles Feedback Film Festival, in California, United States, for his 12-minute short film "Trap".

In an interview with Iran Press, Ghazbani talked about his short film saying: "The film is about two Iraqii women who defend their families and children by confronting Takfiri terrorists. Thus the short film deals with the reaction of these two women when they come up against Takfiri terrorists."

He added: "These types of film, like the 12-minute short film "trap" are very important since they are non-fictional and deal with real-life events, current affairs, and events which have actually happened in this region, and it is important to document them in the form of a film ! Thus making such films is very important."

The 43-year-old Director was born in Bushehr in southern Iran, in September 1975, and has graduated from the Soureh University of Cinema and Theatre in Isfahan.

Ghazbani has made at least 15 short films including "Hananeh", "Hope", "Artificial Respiration", "The men from the Sun", "That night", and the long cinematic feature film "Khomaari". He has also appeared in one of his own short films, "Those Three" as an actor.

The promising young Iranian filmmaker has now added an international film award to his already considerable accomplishments.  


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