Mar 12, 2020 10:03 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 30, 2020 21:41 Asia/Tehran]
  • End of Afghan National Unity Government in Afghanistan
    End of Afghan National Unity Government in Afghanistan

The Chief Executive's office, which was formed by the formation of the National Unity Government in Afghanistan, was removed from the political structure of the Asian country.

Iran Presscommentary: Speaking at a news conference, Afghan Presidential Spokesman Sediq Seddiqi endorsed the ending of the National Unity Government, saying that with Ashraf Ghani’s inauguration, Abdullah Abdullah will no longer be the head of the National Unity Government.

With the ending of the Chief Executive's office, the official letters of the National Unity Government are not valid in the state institutions.

It is while Ashraf Ghani had stated in his inauguration on Monday that the national unity government will continue to work until two weeks later.

The removal of the Chief Executive's office from Afghanistan's political structure was one of the foreseeable cases following Abdullah's inauguration at the same time Ashraf Ghani was involved with his inauguration.

Naturally, with the beginning of the new Afghan government, the life of the Afghan national unity government would come to an end, yet, the removal of Chief Executive position, which has been chaired by Abdullah for the past five years, just two weeks before the deadline announced by Ghani indicates فhe tensions have intensified in the relations between the two political rivals.

Although Abdullah had announced after rejecting the final results of the Afghan presidential election that he would form a parallel government, his inauguration was beyond the imagination of Ashraf Ghani and his team.

Therefore, two days after the inauguration, Ashraf Ghani removed the Chief Executive's office in order to remove Abdullah from the official political flow, the implication of which is that Abdullah no longer holds any official political status and that his correspondence with the Afghan legal entities lacks legal validity and authority.

Removing the office, the president of Afghanistan has indirectly ordered the official institutions of the country to refuse cooperation with Abdullah because he has no position in the Afghan government anymore.

Ghani intends to remove the Chief Executive's office, effectively barring the formation of a parallel government promised by Abdullah, and nullify any issuance by him, including the removal and installation of local authorities, especially in the northern provinces of Afghanistan.

There is speculation that Ashraf Ghani has sought to overthrow Abdullah in the face of the abolition of the chief executive office so that the political situation in Afghanistan can be somewhat disambiguated.

In doing so, Ghani seeks to undermine Abdullah's hand in the power tools without any backing for a parallel government, thereby preventing Abdullah from continuing his way.

Written by Mohammad Reza Asgari

Translated by Seyyed Mohammad Kazemi


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