Deputy Coordinator of the Iranian Army, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari

Deputy Coordinator of the Iranian Army announced the construction of three new destroyer ships in joint cooperation by the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy and the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces.

Iran Press/Iran News: Deputy Coordinator of the Iranian Army Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari on Friday referred to the production line of the cruise missile in Iran, adding, "Now, the production of three new destroyer ships with the names of Dena, Shiraz, and Taftan has been processed in the Ministry of Defense, Iran Navy, and Marine Industries."

Referring to the achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the production of military weapons, he stated: "Today, the production line of advanced military weapons such as missiles, fighter jets, destroyers, submarines, and tanks has been launched in the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Speaking to IRNA on Friday, the Deputy Coordinator of Iran's Army pointed to Iran's progress in the construction of submarines in the country and added: "Today, besides light Ghadir-class submarines, also the fully indigenous semi-heavy class submarines are on the mass production line."

Admiral Sayari noted that the military experts are enhancing the level of domestic military weapons at the behest of commander in chief of Iranian armed forces, which is the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

"Despite threats, the Islamic Republic of Iran's power has reached a point that it dispatches submarines to international waters,” he stressed.


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